Diomataris’ Tavern

Hello everyone!

I would like to make some important introductions! This is Diomataris, our best man, a pure son of Crete and one of the most original people I know.

A father of three children, he used to work for years in the municipality of Chania. Two years ago, he decided that this was very restricting for him. He had grown up on the mountains of Southern Crete, he knew the land and felt he was a part of it. He was trapped in a city’s life and conventions. He felt blocked by the rhythm that his life had and more stressed every day (sounds familiar? :)) .

So he decided to go back to his village, Rodovani. A wonderful spot, in between Palaiochora and Sougia, on the top of a mountain, overlooking a wonderful gorge, with a breathtaking view, unspoiled by tourism. He got a small place and started cooking small stuff that he would find around his small restaurant. He baked his own bread, made his own honey, had his vegetables and eggs, knew his butcher veeery well (Manousos is the butcher, another huge story of his own), gathered his own snails at 4 o’clock on the few rainy summer nights and had a full house almost every day. Who would say no to the best cooked meal made with the most preciously gathered material? Who would say no to this cliff-hanging view?

This year he moved to an even better spot in the middle of the village. A fantastic place he almost made again from scratch and almost alone. His menu includes only traditional plates, really home-made. Pork with feta cheese, Tsigariasto (you find this only in Crete), small black eyed peas, fresh hand cut french fries, pies and of course traditionally made bread and raki and many, many others.

If you find yourselves in this part of Crete don’t miss it. It is not in a guide yet, but it is one of the very few, most valuable secrets still remaining unrevealed in this blessed place. It is called the Tavern of Diomataris (Η ταβέρνα του Διοματάρη) and this is its facebook page. Also the tavern has a phone, +30 28230 051043. If you arrive in the summer you don’t need to call. He is there from 10 in the morning till late at night. If you arrive in the winter and in the beginning of the week, just double check first. In any case don’t miss it!! Apart from the food that is better really than what you would find in a five star restaurant, Diomataris himself is an experience you cannot afford to miss…



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