Anidri Beach

I am in Athens currently and guess what? IT IS SNOWING.

So what better idea could one have than writing about the sea… 🙂


Here it goes:

Anidri beach can be easily reached from Caminada. You can reach it by car or on foot. If you take the car you just take the road back to Paleochora (I recently found this site for Paleochora by the way) and turn to the left in a fork kind of turn right before you reach the  big straight part of the road with the camping on your right and the sea on your left. [Of course this part of the sea (opposite the camping) is the same coast as the Anidri beach, but it has bigger pebbles and it is not really comfortable.]

pebbles1pebbles 3

The other way to reach it is far more interesting and definitely something to try while you are in the area. If you are at the center of the village Anidri, at the Tavern “The School” or “To Sholio” in Greek (you can find more about it here), and you take the path that goes through the village and which starts right on the right side of the tavern, you will very soon find the signs that take you to the beach. The great surprise is that the way is through the Anidri gorge. A really wonderful gorge, a bit technical but not a lot, that takes you through a 45′ walk directly in the middle of the beach.

The beach that lays on the end of that walk, is separated in two main parts. Gialiskari and Anidri Beach. It is of course the same beach just separated by a small, natural cape.


Another treat in this beach is that it has two small cantines with soft drinks, alcohol, ice creams and something small to eat. If you are looking at the sea the cantine that is on the left of the cape is the a bit loud one and “covers” the sandy part of the beach. On the other side of the cape, the other cantine is far more close to my taste, you hardly notice it is there, it is close enough to walk there when you are thirsty but far enough so you don’t feel its presence at all when you are laying under the very few umbrellas. (The umbrellas cost 5 euros each by the way – but you don’t have to use them.)

pebbles 2

Finally my favorite thing is that especially on the right side of the cape, even in the middle of July, you will be alone or almost alone if you go after 4 in the afternoon. And you can watch the sun set above the port of Paleochora.



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