Crete and a bit of live history

One of the things I love in Crete, is the diverse and always changing setting and that you always have the feeling that it is a place that carries its history in a way, till today, in a very vivid manner.

*For the beginning of our adventure in Crete, check out here*

It is very rare to find a place in the coast of Crete that does not have its roots in ancient times. And it is very often that you can see the breathtaking remains of these times lying around in the beautiful beaches. Of course detaching anything from its environment is both illegal and harmful for the place itself, but if you approach this adventure in a respectful way, it will surely reward you.

With a simple mask and a snorkel, nothing too fancy, you can come close to what our ancestors made use of daily, 3000 years ago.

Many ancient cities, from the Minoan times, have not been excavated at all, and although they probably don’t have hidden treasures, they can become part of a breathtaking sightseeing and for a touch of a history class a bit more lively than books. This part of pot for example was on the pebbles in a beach called Krios near Paleochora. Many people I guess leave the place with “small souvenirs”, still to us it felt more logical to leave it there, where it seems to belong. 🙂

This was the area around Ancient Vienna, on the East of Palaiochora. In many parts of what used to be Ancient Vienna, you can see big marble pillars next to the sea shore. It is simply life changing and shocking that you are lying next to 3000 year old ruins.

That’s another reason why Crete is definitely worth a long visit.

(by the way check out these cool maps I found on the web)


Hope you enjoy it!!

See ya!!


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