How to find the house of your dreams in Crete : Part I


Caminada, is located on the hill above the village of Anydroi. Anydroi is 5 klm NE of the cape of Palaiochora, 70 klm (more or less South of Chania).

Caminada is a project that we actually started more than one year ago. We were on a 20-day road trip on Crete, and after a series of short stays in many beautiful spots on the island (Crete can brag for having plenty of those), we ended up to the village of Anydroi (the short, funny story about how we ended up there will soon follow). We had planned that the last 4 days of our vacation would be spent in one place, so that we could relax and enjoy the sun and the sea (I found very useful this site for the sea of Anydroi by the way).

We were not at all looking for a house at the time but just out of curiosity, the very last day of our stay, we asked the kind couple that were renting us their small apartment, how much the land costs in that area. Their answer was basically an enthusiastic 2 min drive on what you can definitely call a bad road, and a deserted house, hidden under piles of rubbish and dead plants. But it was a charming place nonetheless. On the top of a hill, in between two gorges, with a beautiful breeze and birds twitting, with goats and sheep strolling free, squeezed into big, old olive trees, with a view to the sea and only one neighbor. The owner was an old guy, who married a second time a few years ago, and since his wife had a house in the middle of Greece, he followed her there.

The price  at the time was kind of out of our budget and when we first got in contact with the owner we understood that titles of ownership was something really exotic in this part of the world. So a year and not less than 40 different papers later (this is another interesting story that will follow in a later post), we were able to say that Caminada was ours.     

There are a lot more that we want to share with you about what has become the house of our dreams, short and longer stories, but all in good time 🙂


For the time being, check out a few pictures from what a few corners of the house look now and please leave us a comment and follow if you would like to know more about it !

Greetings from Brussels!!


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